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Powder Bond

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Dip or pour like never before with Powder Bond.

This LED cured formula is your new alternative to typical powder and glue systems.

No more waiting for your dip powder to harder, no more strong smells, and no more removal nightmares!

Powder Bond is a self-leveling gel base, formulated to bond ORLY Pro Powders to the nail with minimal effort. Powder Bond's soft gel flexibility reduces the chance of chipping and nail breaks compared to traditional powder and glue systems that result in a rigid, brittle nail coating. You'll find it's much easier to control your application with this medium viscosity gel base. With the Powder Bond Soak-Off Gel Base, removals are a breeze just like our GELFX manicure removals. 10 minutes and you're ready for a new set!

• LED Cured
• Self-Leveling Formula
• Maximum Powder Adhesion
• Gel formula adds flexibility to your typical brittle powder and glue manicures for extra durability.
• 10 minute removal
• Creates barrier between natural nail and pro powder layers to reduce removal time.

Master Pro Powder dip and pour applications using Powder Bond Soak-Off Gel Base with this free, on-demand course.