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It All Started With Pink

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If you dream of starting your own company, this is the book for you.

Jeff Pink gives the ultimate insider view to the secrets of his success and is an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In his honest and passionate memoir, Jeff Pink shares his journey as an immigrant who started a small beauty supply shop in Los Angeles and developed it into a 135,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory and headquarters of ORLY International. As a beauty company producing more than 750 products for nail color and care, ORLY is distributed throughout the United States and 40 countries worldwide.

Pink is credited with game-changing innovations and over 20 revolutionary nail care products and treatments. He invented The Original French Manicure, the most recognized, timeless nail look in the industry, along with the pioneering Gripper Cap, a sleek, ergonomic designed cap for nail polish bottles, utilized for easy opening and precise application.

How did Jeff achieve his phenomenal success and survive business and personal challenges along the way? He shares the lessons he learned and gives readers the tools and techniques to be an effective CEO and leader of a multi-national company. He lets his readers in on what it takes to overcome adversity: economic downturns, employee ‘renegades’ as well as personal tragedies.