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GELFX Gel Nail Polish Bundles

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SKU OWK-0270
Style: Spring Bundle

Seasonal 12 pc Nail Color Bundles for Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter - now at an unbeatable price.

SPRING Bundle colors
1x Parcs & Parasols
1x Power Pastel
1x Golden Afternoon
1x Artist's Garden
1x Bleu Iris
1x Provence at Dusk
1x Written in the Stars
1x Serendipity
1x Opposites Attract
1x Check Yes Or No
1x Meet Cute
1x Oh Darling

SUMMER Bundle colors
1x Just An Illusion
1x Claim to Fame
1x Connect the Dots
1x Don't Pop My Balloon
1x Magic Moment
1x Rinse & Repeat
1x Embrace Danger
1x Follow The Map
1x On A Whim
1x Close Call
1x Off The Grid
1x Lost Treasure

FALL Bundle colors
1x Persistent Memory
1x Stop the Clock
1x Elysian Fields1x
1x Metamorphosis
1x Ceci N'est Pas Blanc
1x Dreamers Awake
1x Shaky Alibi
1x Act of Folly
1x Don't Be Suspicious
1x In The Conservatory
1x Unraveling Story
1x Endless Night

1x Fluidity
1x Ascension
1x Urban Landscape
1x Dynamism
1x Forward Momentum
1x Industrial Playground
1x Spark
1x Sugarplum Soirée
1x Regal Pine
1x Velvet Ribbon
1x Cozy Night
1x Snow Angel