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Artemis I Nail Stickers

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Twenty-two out-of-this-world nail stickers inspired by NASA’s Artemis I mission and its goal to land the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface. Do a full-space mani or just an accent nail with these long-lasting nail stickers.

Learn More About This Historic Mission Here: Artemis

How to Use:
Cleanse nails with alcohol or acetone and a lint-free pad before application to remove any oils or lotions. This will help the nail strips adhere well and give your manicure a longer life.
1. Remove clear cover from nail strips.
2. Select nail strips that best match your nail size.
3. Remove a nail strip from backing.
4. Apply to nail and gently stretch to fit.
5. Gently file excess from free edge of the nail.
6. Repeat on all ten nails, or to your desired accent nails.
7. Optional: Apply Shining Armor Topcoat to maximize wear time.

Ready to remove? Simply soak nails in warm water or apply polish remover to each nail and gently peel off nail stickers. Don't pull - if the sticker isn't lifting easily, soak for a bit longer or apply a bit more remover.