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GELFX Aqua Aura 6PIX

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This GELFX 6PIX collection includes one each of all six gel shades from the Spring 2024 Collection - Aqua Aura.

Float along Golden Waves with six new shades inspired by gentle waters. Dappled sun creates a Ripple Effect across this shimmering palette bringing life to the season.
Fresh blues and teals are met with wistful pinks and a Sea Spray of golden hues. This spring, gaze at the Wistful Water Lily and dance barefoot in the Morning Dew.

Colors in this collection:
Morning Dew - Teal Shimmer
Ripple Effect - Periwinkle Shimmer
Sea Blossom - Cool Light Pink Creme
Wistful Water Lily - Light Pink Pearl Shimmer
Golden Waves - Golden Copper Shimmer
Sea Spray - White Copper Shimmer with a Golden Glow