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Thank you for purchasing the ORLY Cordless Gel Lamp LED 900 FX. You can now get great gel manicures with no strings attached! Watch our quick start video below.

Care Instructions

  • Be sure to read the Quick Start Guide and keep for reference
  • For best results, keep in a dry, cool place. Please keep lamp away from moisture and humidity
  • Keep interior of lamp free and clear of debris and liquid 
  • Before cleaning, make sure lamp is turned off, unplugged and the battery safely removed
  • Only use neutral cleaning products when cleaning
  • Do not use acetone to clean any part of the lamp
  • Continuous use of more than an hour may shorten the lifespan of the lamp
  • Lamp is not suitable for people who may have UV sensitivity, on certain medications that have adverse reaction to UV exposure, or who require special care. When in doubt, please check with your physician before use
  • Dual UV/LED functionality for universal product compatibility with one-year limited warranty